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Farmeasy Nigeria Getting Educated Youth Involved In Agriculture


6 months ago

Farmeasy Nigeria

One would be easily forgiven to say the world is in turmoil! This is due to the incessant domestic and international unrest, food scarcity, global warming, and low crude oil prices, and currently a pandemic. Nigeria and Africa is a poster replica of this worrying picture of turmoil. With all these, a “food doom”, which would be characterized by massive food shortage and poverty, is on the horizon within the decade. The Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, reveals that around 88% of the world’s 1.2 billion youth live in developing countries. Young people account for approximately 24% of the working poor and this dynamic is particularly pronounced in Africa, where over 70 percent of youth subsist on US$2 per day or less. A Vision 2010 report in 2005 reveals that 60% of Nigeria’s population are youths and have over the years made significant contributions to National Development. Looking at the capacity of Nigeria’s teeming youth in the face of an impending food shortage hitting the country and Africa, any effort to efficiently get these 21st Century technology-driven young persons involved would be noble. This challenge has driven Farmeasy Nigeria into providing a platform where this effort would be made easy to achieve, by setting in motion the Student Investment Program (SIP). The SIP provides an investment platform where students of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria and Africa are able to own farms for profit while still in school, consequently contributing to the Nigerian Agricultural Revolution. This initiative would push the movement for the incorporation of young educated Nigerians and Africans in our Agricultural value chain, while also providing them with the opportunity to build an investment culture while still in school. All Male and female Undergraduate or Postgraduate students of Universities, Polytechnics, Monotechnics, Colleges of Educations, Institutes and other equivalent outfits within Nigeria and Africa are eligible for this package on the Farmeasy Nigeria official website, In the process of signing up for the SIP, students are required to provide their registration number, course of study, institution of study, level of study, as well as their social media handles. The Farmeasy Team will hit campuses all over the nation to sensitize young students on the potentially revolutionary ways their involvement in agriculture would boost employment, food security as well as poverty reduction. It’s time for Nigeria’s youth to rise up and lead Africa and the world as the new agricultural frontier, just like they have shown in academic, sport and entertainment sectors. They can be rest assured that Farmeasy Nigeria is with them all the way!